APAFA Announces the James Pelmore Matched Campaign in Celebration of Al Purdy Day

On April 21, 2009, the League of Canadian Poets officially declared April 21 NATIONAL AL PURDY DAY.

The declaration recognized the importance of Al Purdy to Canadian poetry, as well as the iconic symbol of the A-frame to Canadian culture.

Concern about the A-frame and its sinking foundation is getting lots of attention, including from James Pelmore. James is proof that poetry readers are everywhere, not just lurking in university English Departments. James is a partner with Foundation Wealth Partners. Yup, he works in finance, and has for decades.

James is also deeply interested in and engaged in the arts.

“I remember being in my car, driving to an appointment, and listening to an interview with Gord Downie on the radio,” he said.

“(Downie) was talking about the influence of Al Purdy on his own writing. I was really struck by that and it made me wonder about the source of inspiration. The recent Yann Martel Matched Funding Campaign again made me think about inspiration, and also how artists support and motivate each other.

“I’ve been following the success of the A-frame and it’s evident the place itself is a source of inspiration,” James said. “We can’t let it sink. It needs a new foundation. I told Jean I want to help.”

Jean Baird, president of the Al Purdy A-frame Association, confirmed Downie’s acknowledgment.

“It’s true that Downie was articulate about Purdy’s influence, and he was also a supporter of the A-frame, as you see in the documentary Al Purdy Was Here,” she said. “The writers-in-residence do often speak about the A-frame as a source of inspiration and influence on their work.”

The APAFA is very pleased to announce the James Pelmore Matched Funding Campaign in Celebration of Al Purdy. The campaign, launching on Al Purdy Day, will run to the end of June. James will match funds raised to $5,000.

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