Preparing for the first writer-in-residence


Our first writer, Katherine Leyton, will move into the A-frame on July 1st, now only a couple of weeks away!  Because of this there has been a tremendous push on amongst the local A-framers to get things cleaned up and finished before she gets there.  Our contractor, Matti Kopamees, has been working hard on the construction-end of things, moving earth around, replacing trim, (re)installing wood paneling.  Over the past month however, on the weekends at least, he has not been alone at the A-frame.  He has been joined by many fine volunteers, moving stones, gravel & dirt, planting flowers, building a fire-pit, installing the deck boards on the south deck, painting, and cleaning, cleaning cleaning!

Here are some photos of last weekend’s crew, composed almost entirely of members of Katherine Leyton’s family:

Pictured in the group shot are (from left to right): Barbara Leyton, Paul Leyton, Eurithe Purdy, Brian Burrows, Ray Burrows, Marie Newman, Ron Atherly, & Matti Kopamees.